Fire at Chocolate Factory


Cabinet Before
Cabinet After
Computer Before & After
Motor Before & After


A specialty chocolate manufacturer experienced a loss when a portable heating unit caught fire. The production floor was engulfed in smoke and soot, contaminating food-grade equipment, including manufacturing lines, mixers, vats, and other machinery.


The manufacturing facility was completely shut down for restoration efforts to begin. The AREPA team arrived on-site two days after the fire incident and began decontamination efforts by day six. With only a four-week reserve of product, thorough and timely decontamination was crucial to get the production lines back up and running while adhering to FDA standards.


Within two weeks of the loss, initial decontamination efforts allowed limited production to begin. AREPA was able to decontaminate ninety-five percent of the affected equipment, saving the facility an estimated $8,000,000 USD on replacement costs. Most importantly, decontamination saved the facility from extended downtime.

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