Our global team is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, providing turnkey rapid response across a number of industries no matter where in the world restoration may be required. 


Restoring Confidence in Your Equipment

AREPA is one of the world's most well-reputed companies in the fields of damage analysis, damage control and restoration. We specialize in assessing, combating and remedying problems caused by corrosion in technical and electronic equipment and electrical components.


Building a Sustainable Future

Helping companies and people recover after catastrophic property losses is incredibly rewarding. Being able to reduce the impact on the environment by saving technical equipment further motivates our team and generates an immense sense of pride. In the future, we are committed to making sustainability a key part of our strategy so that we are able to support our clients and communities today, tomorrow and for years in the future.


Wind Energy Recovery Solutions

Every hour that a wind turbine is at a standstill represents significant lost productivity and revenue. Whether the system downtime is a result of fire, water or chemical contamination, or other environmental factors, AREPA has more than 35 years of experience providing damage assessment, damage control, and restoration of wind turbines.


Preventive Reconditioning

Preventive reconditioning, or planned maintenance, is an important part of facilities management. Effectively maintaining and servicing business critical equipment is necessary to minimize unplanned production disruptions, increase reliability and maximize the life expectancy of the equipment.


AREPA Priority Response Program

AREPA’s Priority Response Program is designed to support risk managers and business operations before a disaster occurs. Our program is tailored to ensure a comprehensive recovery through innovative solutions that ultimately restore confidence in equipment, while minimizing business interruption.


Marine & Offshore

Every hour that a ship or an offshore installation is not in operation has enormous economic consequences. Rapid, goal-oriented measures are therefore absolutely decisive – both to minimise the immediate operating loss and to restrict the consequential damage that could otherwise result in a new breakdown, even greater operating loss and more expensive repairs in the long term.



AREPA's engineers have years of experience working with repair and replacement vendors, as well as on specialized industrial and manufacturing machines to assist the insured with avoiding the costs and learning curve associated with the purchase of new equipment.



AREPA has handled medical and laboratory equipment losses since our inception. Our experienced engineers and field technicians, many of whom are from the biomedical field, have provided guidance following property claims at hundreds of hospitals, and other research facilities.


Data Centers

In today's fast paced business environment, data centers are the engines that keep most companies, institutions and governments running. AREPA has successfully restored thousands of pieces of data center equipment, enabling hundreds of businesses to restore their operations quickly, cost effectively and with minimal system integration.


Academic Institutions

Academic institutions and public entities are impacted by uncertainty and other challenges each and every day. AREPA's experts and technicians have over a quarter century's worth of experience providing equipment restoration services for college risk professionals, as well as insurance carriers and legal professionals who serve them.


Commercial Kitchen & Food Processing Equipment

Commercial kitchen and food processing equipment losses pose distinct challenges for insurers and policyholders. Hotels, restaurants, theme parks, casinos, airports and hospitals all possess business critical commercial kitchen and food preparation equipment that they rely on to deliver services to their clients.

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