For more than 40 years, AREPA has provided comprehensive disaster and incident recovery and restoration services by pairing proven scientific processes with the largest and most experienced team of equipment specialists in the industry.

Available 24/7 anywhere around the globe, we restore technical equipment that has been exposed to incidents such as fire, soot, dust and corrosion, flooding, extreme weather, salt and mold, oil leakage and physical impact. We not only get your operations up and running quickly, but do so with a confidence that will give you certainty in your equipment.

Brann og sot

After a fire loss, the chemicals deposited on equipment can adversely affect electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment. The effects of this contamination, sometimes called Secondary Damage, can vary widely.


Kjemisk skade

AREPA is experienced in assisting clients with determining the types of and levels of chemical contamination to business critical equipment after fires.



One of the most recognizable types of damage, but one that's also hard to notice with the naked eye. Impacted equipment should undergo proper contamination analysis and preservation to maintain productivity and safety.



Debris in homes or businesses following a disaster can pose significant health and environmental challenges, including exposure to life-threatening hazards and contamination buildup from moisture and humidity, which could present serious long-term health effects.


Støv og pulver skader

AREPA equipment specialists are experts in evaluating equipment that has been impacted by Dust and Powder damage. While each project is unique, utilizing our proven techniques for preserving and stabilizing equipment, scientific contamination analyses, along with expert dry- and wet-cleaning processes, can greatly reduce long-term equipment damages, business interruption and lost production time.



Water damages to equipment are extremely common, but also can be extremely complicated to mitigate if proper steps are not taken. Rapid response to properly stabilize electrical equipment after it has been exposed to water should be the top priority for all stakeholders.


Fysisk påvirkning

Depending on the type of equipment, as well as the nature of the incident, physical impact can have varying impacts. There are several factors that AREPA equipment experts consider when determining the feasibility of mitigating physically impacted equipment.


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