Automotive Wiring Harness Warehouse Fire


Warehouse Fire

On November 11, 2021, a manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses for prominent U.S. based car companies experienced a fire in their warehouse. Smoke and soot permeated throughout the facility, contaminating unfinished products and inventory. Given their client base and sales orders needing to be filled, it was integral to get the inventory decontaminated as quickly as possible.

Challenges & Logistics

The fire gravely affected the company’s ability to meet its shipping demands, with outbound orders coming to a complete halt. Replacing the affected stock would have taken several months, which made decontamination the perfect solution. The company quickly got to work sourcing the ideal solution, and had AREPA’s Equipment Restoration and Decontamination experts on-site in 6 days to begin the inspection process. Due to increased demand and lack of supply, three auto plants would have shut down completely had it not been for the efforts of the AREPA team to quickly and efficiently restore product and inventory to pre-loss condition.


The manufacturer would have passed long lead times on to their key customers if the harnesses had to be remanufactured and shipped across the globe. AREPA mitigated their loss by decontaminating the warehouse, offices, and approximately 100,000 items of product and inventory, allowing the business to resume their production and meet their shipping demands.

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